Hosting Virtual Watch Parties to Begin 2020 Season

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I’m sure many of you are wondering what our plans are heading into the start of football season. First off, everyone’s health is a top priority and we want to be as smart and safe as possible. The situation is fluid and we’re in close communication with the Blind Pig to coordinate efforts. At this time, we’re currently planning to host virtual watch parties, similar to what we did for the NFL Draft in April, with a Zoom party and live streams on social media.

The Blind Pig remains closed while NC is in Phase 2 and unable to open until we advance to Phase 3. That makes planning difficult, but we’re working through a variety of scenarios based on what may or may not be possible once we advance to Phase 3 in September or at a later date. We’re exploring options related to limited capacity, online reservations, reserved seating, etc.

Regardless, expect things to look much different this year. The virus isn’t going to disappear just so we can watch football. As much as we love throwing massive parties, we have no plans to pack the bar without face masks and social distancing and will work with the Pig to host you safely once it’s appropriate.

Reach out with any questions and GO BROWNS!

Update on 9/1/2020: NC has moved to Phase 2.5 but bars/nightclubs remain closed during this phase so the Blind Pig is still closed and we’re planning to continue with virtual watch parties to start the season. For the most up to date information, join our Facebook group.