The Blind Pig – 2020 Carolina Browns Backers Location

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The Blind Pig - NoDa

Hope everyone has been doing well. It’s combine week. Hopefully Andrew Berry and Kevin Stefanski find some great talent for our Browns for the 2020 season. We’re all ready for a great run and into the playoffs.

Our first priority with every season and every watch party is to deliver the very best game watch party experience for as many Browns fans as possible. That has been our guiding light since we took over as presidents of the Carolina Browns Backers almost ten years ago. With that in mind, we’d like to thank the ownership, management and staff of Dilworth Grille for being an amazing host for us in 2019.

However, in 2020, we’re bringing the Carolina Browns Backers back to the neighborhood where it all started in 2010. This fall, we’ll be hosting our watch parties at The Blind Pig.

We believe The Blind Pig will give us the most fun football Sundays we can have. The atmosphere there will be electric, and they are committed to being a Browns bar year-round with flags and other gear displayed 365 days a year. They will be making significant adjustments to the facility to accommodate us, including putting an awning and more TVs over their patio, additional TVs inside, and creating more seating in their upstairs area. We also see using their outdoor space as a fantastic area to host more rescue dog adoption events.

Food will not be an issue, as we’ll work with the Pig to coordinate food trucks and other catering options. Plus, you’ll always be welcome to bring in food from any of the fantastic neighboring NoDa restaurants.

Parking should also be very accessible. In addition to being right next to the 36th Street light rail stop, street parking in NoDa is very available Sunday morning and afternoons.

Our first event will be a draft party on April 23. Details coming soon.

Go Brownies!